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10 July 2010 @ 09:21 pm
Soop I actually got under 140 lbs a couple of days ago (139.4 to be precise) but I've been kind of an eating mess since :S

Yeah, last two weeks of school = innumerable final papers and projects. Oh well, I just have to make it through and then I get the entire month of August off as I only have 1 exam and it's on the first day! EXCELLENT.

My friend and I are planning a trip to Vancouver and either Portland or Seattle- I just gotta think about that when I want to rip my hair out because of all this school stuff!

OH I have also become acquainted with the assisted pull-up machine at the gym and I LOVE it! Definitely trying to develop some upper-body strength to go along with my quads of steel. hahahah.
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29 June 2010 @ 12:01 am
Yay I'm actually doing this healthy eating + exercising business quite well this school term! I'm losing realllllllly slowly but it's cool- as long as it keeps going down, slowly but surely, I might actually get to 130 lbs by the end of summer. Oh, I got a job in Gatineau, Quebec for my fall co-op term, woohoo! I'm looking forward to living in a different city for four months. Should be a bit of an adventure! Plus it's only 2 hours to Montreal...one of my favourite places :)

I'm exactly 140 lbs right now, so I just gotta keep trucking, be consistent, and ramp up the workouts as I become fitter! I'm currently doing:
-yoga class x2 (ashtanga/vinyasa)
-elliptical x2 (30-35 min on medium to high resistance)
-cycling a little or a lot, depending on the weather
-walking a lot
-a bit of strength work here and there

I'm planning to go jogging in the near future...haven't really run since April!
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06 June 2010 @ 05:07 pm
hello hello

It has been a while, but I'm happy to report my weight's down a wee bit (141.8 lbs).

My strategy is to always have a couple of things to look forward to every week, so that I don't find myself in a FUNK (Glee reference!), sitting at home and eating mindlessly.

I actually braved a party last night with people in my program at school and it ended up being pretty great! Yay for conquering them social anxieties. I've also been out dancing a couple of times, which is always a mood booster!

Goals for this month include biking whenever it's nice out, going running a couple of times, attending more yoga classes (ashtanga and vinyasa), and doing more cooking! Much as I love toast with avocado + hummus + tempeh for dinner, I think branching out is necessary.

One week 'till my birthday :)
TWENTY ONE YEARS. My goodness.
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01 May 2010 @ 10:05 am
Well I certainly did not make my beginning-of-May goal of 139 lbs, but I did manage to lose a small chunk, so I feel okay. 143 lbs this morning.

I'm moving back to Waterloo tomorrow for school- hoping it will be beneficial to get back into my routine there. I do struggle a bit more with eating when at home, I think, for various reasons.

I've had a GREAT few days, chillin' in parks, having coffee with people, walking around the city taking photos, and biking all over the place! And I'm going to see Y E A S A Y E R tonight- whoop!

I shall check in again in a few days once school has started up. Gulp. I'm a little nervous about beginning classes again, but I'm sure I'll be feeling better about things after a week or so.
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21 April 2010 @ 08:56 am
Yay, I'm down a little bit! 144.8 lbs. Had a bangin' workout yesterday (elliptical + lots of random jumping around to Cut Copy).

I feel like I have some momentum now, so I plan to work out Thursday and Saturday/Sunday, do cycling the other days, and drink LOTSA WATER. Hopefully a couple more pounds will come off before I leave for school at the beginning of May.
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20 April 2010 @ 11:41 am
Agh, I wasn't actually very good this weekend- ate too little during the day, too much later in the day, and too much beer!

I maintained exactly though, so *big sigh of relief*. I'm planning to work out today and Thursday FO SHO.

Yesterday's foodzz:

-vanilla soy yogurt (very small portion) + pumpkin with small chunk of vegan pumpkin bread crumbled in
-coffee with almond milk

-1/2 apple pie Larabar
-deeeelicious brownie from coworker (made with sweet potato and prunes- cool!)

-Chinese red bean paste bread thing
-skim misto (12 fl oz)
-4 mini tomatoes

-nonfat vanilla yogurt + bit of peanut butter mixed in

-serving of orzo with tomatoes, peas, some parmesan (I think)
-1 poached egg
-plain salad greens (no dressing)
-a little bit more soy yogurt + pumpkin mixture
16 April 2010 @ 09:52 am
Well, I'm still 145.4 lbs. I have a feeling that this drinking-way-more-water thing will help me drop a couple pretty quickly, though. I'll try to be extra good this weekend!

Yesterday's food, just 'cause I was in the mood for recording-

-pumpkin yogurt (vanilla soy yogurt + canned pumpkin), small slice home-made pumpkin bread
-coffee with almond milk

-almond-flavoured tofu
-another small slice pumpkin bread

-whole-wheat pita bread with ~1/5 avocado + hummus + cucumber + baby spinach
-almond granola bar

-coffee with skim milk (thanks for the free coffee, Starbucks!)

-buckwheat apple cinnamon crepe
-bite of friend's spinach-tomato-mushroom crepe
-small non-dairy Chai ice cream (YUM YUM)

-2 sq Rittersport marzipan chocolate
-couple of bites of banana bread (just a taste test!)

Yes, I eat a lot. The majority of it is good, real food though :)
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14 April 2010 @ 02:23 pm
Haven't weighed myself for a few days, which is a GOOD thing, but I should probably check tomorrow.

I've pretty doing a pretty good job of healthy eating, trying to limit sweet things to one a day. I did slip up a bit on Sunday- it seems to happen when I decide to bake on an empty stomach (pretty obvious, right?).  My tummy did NOT appreciate those two large slices of pizza, that's for sure!

I am proud to say that I went for a run after work yesterday! It was definitely a challenge, and I had to take plenty of walking breaks, but it felt great at times! Plus it was nice and sunny out, so I'm developing a bit of a tan :)
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07 April 2010 @ 02:23 pm
Mmmhm so I'm only down one pound from last week, but hey, it was a long weekend, so of course I overate a little bit. However, I think I balanced out the larger meals with a good amount of exercise (gym + cycling + walking lots).

Hopefully I'll be down another lb. by the weekend :)

I'm going to see Florence and the Machine this Saturday (after writing a french exam)!!!
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31 March 2010 @ 01:48 pm
It has been a while, but I want to make a SOLID goal to lose 8 lbs in April. I'm starting at 146-147 lbs (bad, but I know things will be easier  as it gets warmer and I can spend more time being active outside!). So the goal is to be under 139 by April 30!!

I plan to update every couple of days to keep track of how things are going.

Another plug for the blog >>> bakebike.wordpress.com

GO GO GO! I've been baking some nice things like scones and carrot muffins :)
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